Dad Turns On Vacuum Only To Have Baby Steal The Show When She Beelines Straight Towards Her ‘Protector’

Babies do some truly precious things that create magical memories for their parents to cherish, but unfortunately, many of these memorable events happen without advance notice and are not preserved on video.

This was thankfully not the case when one baby toddled over her to dog for protection in a truly adorable moment that her parents captured with a short video clip.

This 11-month-old girl was toddling around happily when suddenly her father turned on the vacuum cleaner.

The sudden and very loud noise scared the girl, and she instinctively sought protection from the most reliable and comforting source around.

This source of comfort and safety was her big husky who was sitting nearby and who was completely unrattled by the vacuum cleaner's noise.

The beautiful husky seemed perfectly at ease throughout the whole event. The little girl, however, seemed panicked by the noise and ran to bury her face in the dog’s furry neck. Her little arms clung tight to the husky’s neck while the dog stood steady as if to stand guard and protect her.

Eventually, the vacuum cleaner turned off, and the baby relinquished her grip around the dog’s neck. She was clearly relieved that her traumatic event was over.

In many homes, a dog is more than a pet.

A dog becomes a true member of the family, and the little girl’s natural reaction to run to her beloved dog for protection and comfort is a clear illustration of how strong the bond between people and dogs can be.

Through the video, it was clear through the dog’s reassurance and silent support that he understood the situation and was ready to step in and do his part to provide comfort to the terrified girl.

Many pet owners have numerous stories about how their beloved pets have stepped up to the plate to care for them or to protect them in unbelievable ways over the years. Do you have a special story that our readers may enjoy reading about? Feel free to leave your comments and pass this cute story on to your friends to spread some love today.