Dad Tells 3-Year-Old Son He Can Have A Toy As Long As It Fits His Hand — Is Left Speechless By Son's Smart Move

Jan 26, 2024 by apost team

There is nothing in the world that kids love as much as toys. Playing makes them happy, and if the toys were for educational purposes, they may even learn a few things. 

However, some parents restrict their children whenever they buy toys. Sometimes, this is due to money constraints, and sometimes, it’s just because little kids would like to have anything that catches their eye, no matter whether it’s age (or wallet) appropriate or not.

When this was the case for a 3-year-old boy named Auggie Gallagher, his father was shocked at how the young kid outsmarted him for his idea.

In a post shared on Instagram in January 2024, his father, Thomas Gallagher, wrote that he told the sweet kid that he could only get a toy that fits in his hand.

Surprisingly, Auggie could be seen holding a big box which appeared to be a musical set for children that included a keyboard and turntable. 

Since the box was so big, the boy appeared to struggle to keep it up.

“I said you can get a toy that FITS in your hand,” Thomas told his son.

Then, in a surprising turn of events, the father asked his son if he could hold the box with one hand.

A menacing background sound later played, then little Auggie had a big idea. At first, it’s unclear what he would do next as he placed the box back on the toy shelf. 

“Watch daddy, okay,” the boy said, then he went on to carry the toy using one hand, which meant that he outsmarted his father’s rule.

Thomas was speechless at first, but then he burst out into laughter.

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Thomas spoke with Today for an interview and he revealed that his son was indeed smart, as he said: “He’s a clever little guy and always thinking about how he can get the things he wants.”

Although Auggie was determined to get the toy based on the video, his father said that he didn’t get the musical turntable set.

The reason why he left it at the toy store was because he “lost interest and picked up a fire truck instead.”

“After he embarrassed me again (I called it a piano and he corrected me) I told him if he could carry it to the checkout he could keep it. He easily could have done this but was immediately distracted after taking two steps by the “little people” fire truck. So he got that and a little people schools,” the father gave an update in the comment section.

Millions of people had already seen the video, and thousands of them were amazed at how smart Auggie was.

People shared their comments about how adorable the little kid was, as one wrote, “He’s not even my kid and I feel like a proud Mama saying “That’s my baby!” Lol 😍😍”

“So…did my mans get the toy or no? 😂 He deserves the toy for passing the “fits in one hand” test,” one commented.

“He understood the assignment....Now let’s walk to the register dad, so you can hold your Credit Card with your hand💳👌🏽,” another one wrote.  

Thomas appreciated the comments as he said at the time of the interview that “there has been no negative feedback,” and it was fun for him to read the comments.

“I’m happy the video is making other people so happy,” he added.

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