Dad Talking With Infant Son About TV Is The Most Adorable Thing On The Internet This Week

Baby videos may one day surpass cat videos for supremacy on the internet, and this is one baby who's seriously contending for the honor of beating out the competition.

With the sound off, this looks like a normal conversation between a young child and his father. With the sound on—and you really want the sound on—this is one hilarious video of two people crossing the language gap to have a conversation. Thanks go to the baby's mother, Shanieke Pryor, for filming it!

Baby Talk Takes The Cake

Move aside, cute kitten videos. Nothing could beat this cutie sitting on the couch watching TV with Dad. The little boy is observant and has a lot of opinions. Dad just goes along with it.

As they share in this relaxed moment at home, they're not just creating a cute video of the family life that babies bring into a home. They aren't just chilling, either. So what's going on?

The Learning Curve

This baby is actually working very hard. Learning a language, social cues, and family connections take a very intelligent and determined brain. Babies do this every day, and they make it look easy.


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However, that tiny brain is processing every sound and testing it. That baby is gaining the necessary experience to grow up and become a member of society. Young children do this almost without trying. They can't help but learn and grow!

Dad's Part In All This

Dad is enjoying himself, but that isn't all he's doing, either. He's providing the interaction for social and linguistic growth that the baby needs. He isn't just leaving the child to interact with the TV. He's giving his son the direct human contact that fills those hidden data banks that kids have in their heads. He's doing a great job, and the baby is too!

Hilarious Effort, Guys!

This is a video to watch over and over. It's like real words were coming out of the baby's mouth. The intonations were spot on, and Dad's reactions just kept feeding the situation.

Show this video to your friends and see if they can hear the baby say any words. It's just too funny to miss!