Dad Sings His Cat To Sleep With Lullaby Before Kitten Joins In For The Cutest Duet Ever

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that they love to talk. Between the chirps, meows and other noises they make, many of them never stop trying to communicate with their humans.

Even though we are unable to translate what they’re saying, they don’t seem to mind. Many cats will even respond to our words on command as if they know what we’re saying. They’ll still continue talking to us like they’re having the best conversation in the world.

One cat that has gone viral recently for an adorable video not only talks to his owner, but he loves to participate in singing duets as well!

A cat who sings? That’s right! This cat’s vocal chops rival any pop star's. Someone get this guy a record deal!

The cat’s name is Sammy, and his owner, Anthony Klein, loves spending all of his free time with him. The adorable orange cat is known for being particularly talkative, and his young owner loves cuddling up to and playing with Sammy, who he considers his best friend.

While messing around with the cat one day, he realized that Sammy really loves to sing! Not only does Sammy sing by himself, but he enjoys joining in on songs with his loving owner. This cat takes “finishing each other's sentences” to a new level! Clearly, this cat and owner have a bond like none other!

Thankfully, Anthony recorded the funny scene so that others can share in the joy of a cat and human duet as well!

But what song did these two decide to sing for their video? None other than the classic "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", which everyone knows the lyrics to, including Sammy! Even though Sammy is extremely sleepy and seems to be caught off guard in the middle of a nap in the sun, he doesn’t miss his chance of performing the hilarious duet with Anthony.

The video naturally went viral, and people around the globe are praising this cat and owner for their precious duet. Once you witness it for yourself, you’ll be totally in love with this cat. You can watch the adorable video below. 

What do you think about this cute duet? Are your cats as talkative as Sammy? Please tell us your cat stories below, no matter if they are musical or not.