Dad's Daughter Leaves The Room, Then He Looks At His Son-in-law And Realizes The Sad Truth

Mar 03, 2016 by apost team

This commercial tells the tale of every woman - the dutiful daughter, the responsible mother, the caring wife and the working woman. She juggles the household chores with a smile on her face while she is also discussing work with colleagues over the telephone. Her husband is meanwhile pretending to be busy with his laptop and watching TV.

Her father is observing his daughter as she goes through her routine. And then something strikes him. And he feels the urging need to apologize. He apologizes for the stereotype in the country where women are supposed to juggle work and family while the man doesn't feel the need to pitch in.

#ShareTheLoad, a powerful commercial for an ordinary laundry detergent is this father's apology letter to his daughter, his wife and the women in India. He apologizes for the age-old stereotype that a woman's place is in the kitchen and in the laundry. The ad is an effort to break these stereotypes and encourages husbands to help their wives around the house.

Watch it for yourself and you'll understand why this beautiful commercial from India is going viral across the world. Please SHARE and help break the stereotypes!