Dad Repeatedly Sniffs Baby’s Hair And Gets Humorous Reaction From Baby That’s Too Adorable For Viewers To Ignore

Oct 15, 2020 by apost team

There is no clear explanation of how babies, especially newborns, acquire their unique scent and many people are fond of this smell. In this video from March 2020, a loving dad seems to love the "new baby" smell too, but his baby's reaction to being sniffed is so funny, we are sure it will make your day.

We can't seem to trace the origin of the video, but we found it on the internet and loved it.

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Sniffing your baby might be a soothing and calming experience, but this does not always mean that your young ones are enjoying your actions. Some babies may not like you doing it or are wondering, "What are you doing in my personal space?" This is what was captured in a video from March 2020 that went viral online. A new dad is sniffing a baby's hair in the footage, capturing the baby's hilarious reactions.

The baby's reactions show that he isn't too thrilled about his personal space being taken over from the video. Every time dad tries to sniff the toddler's hair, he turns around to face him and give 'that look.' 

The baby is calm and unconcerned while on dad's laps as the two watch TV, and it seems to be a reasonably comfortable set up. However, the only thing that seems to be somewhat annoying to the cute little one is his dad's constant sniffing. The baby's large eyes and sweet face add to the hilarity of it all. 

The dialogue between father and son is also super adorable! 'What!' asks dad as he laughs. 'Jeezy… nosy, bro. Mind your business,' he adds, acting as if he did not know that the baby does not like his actions. The baby isn't buying it, however, and continues the stare down. He's a smart one, this little guy!

This little game is enjoyable to dad; he is about to burst into laughter every time the baby turns to face him. This short footage has gone viral online since it was first uploaded in early March this year. Over 21,000 people have watched the clip, and hundreds of online users upvoted it.

Neither the little one nor the dad knew how popular this video was going to be, but we are thankful for this adorable clip! Watch the exchange in the video below:

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