Father Who Put Baby Up For Adoption Finds Out Decades Later He And Son Have Been Coworkers For Years

Feb 19, 2020 by apost team

Putting up a child for adoption is one of the most heartrending decisions for a parent. Despite the great love parents feel for their children, sometimes circumstances make it so that it is in the child’s best interests to live with another family.

Whether because of youth or limited financial means, being raised by another person allows the child to have the best possible future. Although many adopted children never meet their biological family, occasionally it is possible for adopted children to form relationships with their biological parents.

In a story so strange it could come out of the mind of Charles Dickens, a man who was adopted shortly after his birth found out many years later as a 28-year adult that his work buddy was actually his biological father. In fact, the two of them were even already Facebook friends!

This story from 2018 concerns Chippewa Falls, WI resident Nathan Boos and his biological father Bob Degaro. The two men were both employed as truck drivers at Rock Solid Transport and had been coworkers for two years before Boos learned from his mom that Degaro was actually his biological father. She had known who Boos' biological dad was but because he'd never asked about his birth parents they never spoke about it. But when she realized one day that they already knew each other and were Facebook friends, she knew she had to tell her son the full story.

After the situation became known to both of them, the two men spoke about strengthening their relationship even further. Let's take a look at their incredible story.

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Boos had a happy childhood when he was growing up. While he knew that he was adopted, he never asked his parents who his biological family was and eventually found happiness working for Rock Solid Transport, a nearby truck company. It was there that Boos became friends with one of his coworkers, Degaro. The two spent a lot of time together and eventually followed one another on Facebook. It was from Facebook that Boos' mother made the startling discovery.

One day, when she was looking through her son’s Facebook page, she saw that he was friends with Degaro. So she approached Boos and revealed that Degaro was actually his biological father. Boos' adoptive mom told him how his biological mother asked her to adopt him shortly after he was born. While she loved him very much, his biological mom knew that she would never be able to meet the financial obligations of caring for a young boy. Since the two women were distant cousins, Boos' biological mom knew that he would be raised in a loving home. 

After he heard his adoptive mom’s story, Boos looked dumbfounded at Degaro's profile picture as he realized that he had become friends with his biological father two years earlier. He explained more about his experience in an interview with local news network WEAU-TV. Boos said:

“Growing up I always knew that I was adopted, it just never crossed my mind that I would ever find my parents."

Clearly, that all changed when his mom put two and two together and decided to tell her son the full story. He explained:

"She just went on my Facebook and went through my friends list and brought up his picture and I said get out of here." 


After Boos knew the full story, it was time to break it to his biological father. Degaro spoke to WEAU-TV and revealed:

"He messaged me on Facebook one day and asked me if I knew his biological mother and I'm like yeah that's my ex-wife … and I about fell out of my seat … I'm like oh my god."

Degaro explained further:

"Back then I wasn't much of a dad. His biological mom had chosen the adoptive parents because they were somewhat related … distant cousins I believe but I didn't know that."

Now that the two men are more than just coworkers and know their full connection, they explained they are excited to continue working on their familial relationship one step, or "one mile at a time." With a big smile on his face, Degaro confessed that it is a very strange situation. He said:

"It’s still kind of a shock and there's days I'm not sure exactly what to say or how to act … I mean he is my son but we didn't have that father son relationship growing up and then we became working partners before we knew who we really were." 

Their story has been viewed over 2.3 million times and people simply can't believe it. Some commenters pointed out that it's interesting that Boos gravitated to the same profession as his father. It's certainly a wild story but it's heartwarming to see that not only did father and son find their way to the same profession and befriend each other, but they are also putting their efforts into making up for lost time. 

What do you think of Nathan Boos and Bob Degaro's story? Have you ever serendipitously reconnected with a family member or friend while going to work or school? Let us know, then pass this on to your relatives so they can read about it too!

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