Dad Prepares To Adopt Baby Girl–Meets Birth Mother And Recognizes Thing That Causes Him To Burst Into Tears

Sep 07, 2020 by apost team

Some people know they want children from a very young age. These people often feel like it is their sole duty on this earth to bear and raise kids. And who could blame them? Children are blessings to the world. But sadly, having children isn’t in the cards for everyone. Thankfully, we have resources like adoption to help families that are unable to have children of their own. For one man named Walt, he got the surprise of a lifetime when his adoption process began.

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Walt told his story to Moving Works, a film company that specializes in visualizing transformative experiences. It all began when Walt was just ten years old. One day, he had a dream of his future child. She was a girl, and her name was Chloe.

He could see her entire face in detail, and the dream was extremely vivid in his memory. During this same period of his life, Walt’s family moved to another house in a different neighborhood.

He met a little girl, Annie, who was his next-door neighbor; they became best friends as they grew up together. But as Annie and Walt got older, their friendship grew romantic. After many years of knowing each other, the two decided to get married in an intimate ceremony. Annie wanted kids just as much as Walt, and they were stunned to learn they had both unknowingly picked out "Chloe" as the name of their future daughter.

But when the couple began to try to conceive a child, they struggled with the heartbreaking reality of infertility. Although they lost hope sometimes and were conflicted about the idea of adopting a child, they began the process anyway so they could fulfill their dreams of being parents.

The adoption agency notified them that there was a pregnant mother who had chosen them to be the adoptive parents of her child. So Walt and Annie went to visit the birth mother of this child. However, they were floored and moved to tears when they discovered what name the birthmother had picked out for the baby. You can learn what happens next in the video below.

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