Dad Openly Supports His Son Loving To Wear Dresses, Proving A Father’s Bond Surpasses Social Expectations

Oct 08, 2021 by apost team

Being a parent definitely has its struggles, but it also has a long list of rewards. Parents get to watch their children grow up into kind-hearted people and watch them live out their wildest dreams. In order to give their kids the best life possible, it’s up to parents to be as caring, loving, and supportive as possible. That’s exactly what one dad from British Columbia, Canada, is doing.

Jared Qwustenuxun William is a father of two sons and cares for them deeply, and his approach to parenting has been inspirational to many. While he has been sure to remind his two sons about social expectations like manners and proper behavior, he has also encouraged them to step out of the standard societal box and be their true selves.

Jared’s 5-year-old son named Finn loves to wear dresses. While some parents may have been confused about their son having an affinity for a garment that is typically worn by girls, Jared fully embraced his son’s choices and encouraged him to do whatever makes him happy. Back in June 2021, the father shared a photo of Finn wearing a beautiful pink dress. The photo has since gone viral and has been shared with thousands of people from all over the world who have left plenty of positive comments for the young boy and his family.

In a world that is becoming more accepting of individuality and people’s differences, Jared and his son are a shining example of what a healthy and happy father-son relationship looks like, proving that love surpasses any social stereotype.

Supporting His Son

Jared Qwustenuxun Williams/Facebook (Copyright)

On June 20, 2021, Jared posted a sweet photo of his son Finn wearing a pink dress and left a heartwarming message in the photo’s caption. “My son likes to wear dresses,” Jared said. He applauded his son’s “strength and bravery,” as he was described as “just a boy who likes to wear dresses.” The post has garnered more than 40,000 reactions and thousands of positive comments.

Some of the children at Finn’s school had previously made fun of him for his choice of clothing, resulting in the young boy wearing pants for a few months. Fortunately, he went “back to his true self” near the end of the school year, resuming his dress-wearing days. The teachers have also worked at educating other students and even hosted a pride day.

Jared encouraged his son to share the photo with the world in hopes that it would help any other little boys who also wanted to wear dresses but were too afraid to do so. “If anyone in my life says anything bad about a dude in a dress they are gonna meet the papa bear in me,” Jared said. “In my house we accept people as they are and support them to be who they want to be.”

During an interview, Jared talked more about his parenting style. “It’s a tough balancing act,” he said. “I am my kids’ best friend, but that also comes with the responsibility of showing them the right way to act in a situation they are unfamiliar with.” While he sometimes has to remind them about social expectations, he also puts them in new situations to help them learn.

His Approach To Parenting

Jared Qwustenuxun Williams/Facebook (Copyright)

Jared revealed that he had been bullied in school, and it still affects him. He continued, “So when I saw my youngest in a dress my initial reaction was pure love, he was just so happy and so beautiful.” He had initial concerns about how others would react, but with the support of his wife, Jared encouraged Finn to continue doing what he loved.

Family pride is important to Jared, and he’s passed it down to his sons. “(Finn) wears two indigenous names and one belonged to a great-grandfather of mine who was a strong stubborn man,” he said. “We talk about how Finn is strong and that’s why we gave him that name.” Jared also has a Patreon dedicated to raising awareness about the impacts of colonization, as well as a YouTube channel filled with educational videos and videos featuring his sons.

Society’s rules and expectations regarding gender are continuing to evolve, and Jared continues to encourage Finn to be his authentic self. “We just keep supporting him at home and buying him whatever he wants to wear,” he explained. “We teach him that everyone is learning and that he is helping to teach people.”

Jared gave some advice to other parents on how to help raise their own children with respect and dignity: “Buckle up because kids in general are a wild ride. But strong boys who want to wear dresses can throw the coolest curveball at you. Just remember that it’s not about us, it was never about us, it’s all about them, and showing and supporting them to be whoever they want to be.”

Jared Qwustenuxun Williams/Facebook (Copyright)

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