Dad Makes Teen Daughter Give Up Her Room & Give It To His Newborn Son Despite Having Other Rooms

Mar 28, 2023 by apost team

When a man or a woman chooses to marry again after they call their relationship quits, chances are the children will be the first ones who will get affected by the situation. That’s why children – especially young ones – should have all the support that they can get from their parents. From the moment they decide to call off their marriage until the time they enter into a new relationship, parents should be there for their children.

For one, it’s not easy for those involved to transition into a new life and welcome new people into their lives. But sometimes, it’s easier said than done – specifically for parents who get caught in a situation where they have to choose between their new partners and their children from their previous relationships. One father was caught in the same dilemma after his newborn son was born. But people think he may have gone overboard this time.

In May 2022, a 32-year-old father took to Reddit to ask people if he was in the wrong after he took away the room of his 14-year-old daughter named Harper and gave it to his newborn son from his new relationship.

The man, who has full custody over the child, said the mom has no involvement in her daughter's life.

He said he and his new wife Nina had been trying to have a child but simply couldn’t. So, they went to a doctor to have their situation checked. There, they found out that they could no longer have kids because of complications. So, they decided to get a sperm donor and were eventually blessed with a son named Mark.

But Harper wasn’t happy about Nina getting pregnant and having a child.  

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The father said he could no longer fulfill his two-day bonding session with Harper after Nina gave birth to Mark, leaving his daughter angry.

“I can't just leave my wife alone for 2 days a week with a newborn and Harper has been very angry about it,” he said.

Things started to get worse after they decided to make a nursery for Mark because they could no longer have him in their room for “multiple reasons.” This forced Harper to move into another room despite their house having four other rooms they could have utilized as a nursery. His reason? It was hard for him and Nina to go to the other side of the house several times at night.

“Our home has 4 bedrooms, 2 master bedrooms at one side and 2 bedrooms at the other side. One of the master rooms is ours, the other one is Harper's. It was very hard for Nina and I to go to the other side of the home multiple times at night when Mark wakes up so I asked Harper (to) pack her stuff and go to one of the bedrooms so that we could give her room to Mark,” he said.

While Harper initially agreed to it, the father got surprised after his brother showed up at his home and picked up his daughter.

“She came out of her room with her stuff, told me ‘you can give it to your son now’ and left with my brother. I told her she could only go for one night but it has been 3 days and she is not back and won't even talk to me,” he said.

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The father said he had been receiving calls from his family, and that he believes they are clearly favoring Harper. He also said his family was biased about the situation because Harper was his parents’ first grandchild. He also felt like his parents were still trying to accept Mark as his son.

While he tried to get Harper back, his brother didn’t let him see her and gave a few conditions including that they find a home closer to them so they can make sure she was being treated right, that Harper gets to choose her own bedroom and that he gives his daughter time with him at least once a week.

Although he accepted the conditions, Nina didn’t like them and said they were not reasonable. Nina then left with Mark and moved back into her parent's house.

The father then tried to talk to Harper. And when he finally did, she was crying the whole time.

“Hearing her cry like that really broke my heart. I honestly never meant to hurt her, he said.

After apologizing to Harper several times, his daughter eventually agreed to come home with him. 

Most people weighed in that the father was wrong for several reasons, including that he didn’t care about his daughter at all.

“It's clear you don't care about Harper just from the way you talk about her. I hope she cuts contact with you,” one person wrote.

“You threw your daughter to the wayside. You're not giving her alone time and now you want to take her bedroom because it’s too far to walk. Wahhhh. She doesn't feel like part of the family anymore. You and your wife are selfish,” another person wrote.

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Do you think the father was in the wrong? Let us know your thoughts and pass this on to your family and friends who might relate to this story!

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