Dad Lion Crouched Down To Meet His Baby Cub For First Time

May 22, 2020

While lions are majestic and proud creatures, it can sometimes be difficult to remember that these dangerous predators can be caring parents as well. Last year, at the Denver Zoo, a father lion got the chance to meet his cub for the very first time in this clip posted by the zoo. The results are just as cute as you might imagine.

The Denver Zoo shared the adorable video on their Facebook page at the very beginning of September 2019, and since then, more than 1.9 million people have viewed it. The zoo included a caption with the video explaining that a small lion cub was meeting his father, Tobias, for the very first time.

The baby also met his older half-sister Kamara.

The lion cub named Tatu, born on July 25th, was already over 12 lbs at the posting of the video. He enjoys climbing on his sister and his Aunt Sabi. He has also bonded with Neliah, his mother, behind the scenes of the Denver Zoo. Officials say that Kamara, the cub's 4-year-old half-sister, is very playful and affectionate with the new arrival.

Since he has made his public debut, he has been seen playing in the October snow that came to Denver with Kamara, according to OCN.

Yes, lions and their cubs are very adorable animals. However, the zoo wants everyone to understand that they are endangered in the wild. In the past 25 years, half of all African lions have disappeared due to the destruction of habitats, loss of prey, and illegal poaching.

The Denver Zoo told Bored Panda that they hope that their video will inspire the public to help organizations around the world that are dedicated to the preservation of endangered wildlife. You can watch the super sweet interaction below. You can just tell how proud the father is to see his baby for the first time!

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