Dad Humorously Upstages Daughters As He Sneaks Into Their Dance Video

Jun 09, 2021 by apost team

A dad from the state of Mississippi upstaged his own daughters when he decided to sneak into their dance video. His sneaky yet epic performance has since captivated viewers across the world. While his daughters were just trying to film a cute video of themselves dancing along to a popular song, this dad had a different idea in mind, resulting in a hilarious video of a stellar dance performance.

Mississippi dad Mike Jones decided to surprise his daughters with a sneaky appearance in their dance video that they filmed at home. While the two girls were busy gearing up to showcase their routine, Jones slid into the background and stood behind them. “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento began playing, and the girls immediately did the dance as the lyrics instructed them to. The dad did exactly the same, but he danced in an even more dramatic manner as he stayed in the background of his two daughters.

Although the 2015 song did pretty well on the music charts, it received mixed reviews from critics, but that didn’t stop fans from showing off their own moves while dancing along to the memorable tune. While the two daughters in the video did their best to follow along with the dance instructions in the lyrics of the song, their dad had some of his own moves to show off. The girls’ reactions to finding out that their father had tried to outshine them is absolutely hilarious, as he was just having fun dancing along to the popular song.

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When “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento was first released in May 2015, people all over the world instantly fell in love with the hypnotic beats and catchy lyrics, sparking a dance challenge craze. The title itself explains the two most popular dance moves that people should perform while moving and grooving to the song. In order to carry out the motions to the best of your ability, it’s important to get a good stretch in prior to an epic performance. 

Start off by standing in a strong stance with your knees slightly bent and your legs spread far enough to be parallel with your shoulders. Then it’s time to sink into the position a little more while raising one arm all the way out in front of you and bouncing lightly along to the beat of the music.

Once you have mastered this move known as the whip, you can move onto the Nae Nae. Simply stand up while continuing to keep your rhythm and reposition the arm that was in front of your body, so it is over your head instead. After this, just sway side to side to keep up with the beat of the music. The dance itself isn’t too complicated, which makes it even more fun to add your own flair to it.

Two daughters in Mississippi decided that they wanted to try their hand at the viral dance and videotaped themselves doing so. The HuffPost reported that the two girls were aged 10 and 12 at the time of the making of the video.

During the first few seconds of the video, the girls were gearing up to get ready to dance, and they anxiously swayed side to side as they waited for the song’s lyrics to motion them to start. While they were too busy focusing on the song itself, their dad sneakily joined them in the background and silently hyped himself up by bouncing along to the beat of the song.

Jones may not have known all of the choreography, but he still danced along excitedly while his daughters carried out their own moves. Near the end of the video, the girls were shocked to see their dad dancing behind them and screamed in surprise.

The HuffPost reported how the two daughters typically did creative projects together, including dance videos, and Jones decided that he wanted to join in on the fun. “I heard them and peeked out and saw my mother recording and came in behind them,” he said. “We watched it and said it would be funny to share this for friends and family, but now it’s funny for people all over the world.”

Even though the girls were not too thrilled with their dad upstaging them in the video, they have since grown to appreciate it and have enjoyed being a viral sensation.

“Their first reaction was they were mad and thought I ruined their video,” Jones said. “I always jump in their videos, but once we posted it and their friends started messaging them saying they saw them on the internet, now it's the greatest thing in the world.”

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