Dad Has An Unexpected Passenger In His Car. The Ride Takes A Frightening Twist When The Man’s Wife Continues To Call Him.

Sep 07, 2016 by apost team

This story is a real eye-opener - literally. Keep your eyes on the road at all times!

Over 8 people are killed in car accidents every single day in the US, and nearly 1200 are injured in crashes. In almost all cases these accidents involve distracted drivers, commonly by their cell phones. Having a child in the car makes adults more careful and attentive while driving.

This advert is meant to be shocking and eye-opening. We see a father driving his young daughter and some friends to the swimming pool. After dropping them off he receives numerous calls from his concerned wife. He pulls over to take the call and she tells him that the family dog has ran away. When he starts the motor back up he is surprised to find a young boy sitting on the backseat of his car. Where did he come from?

The father starts asking questions and finds out that the boy is a friend of his daughter’s and needs a ride home. The man’s phone keeps ringing and the boy asks if he won’t answer it. The man says no and that it would be irresponsible. What happens then, is not only unexpected but shockingly powerful. The boy says to the man “It’s okay. I’m not here”and then disappears just as suddenly as he appeared. The Dad figures he must have been daydreaming.

Now alone in the car, the man receives yet another call from his concerned wife. Watch the video to see how he reacts. It goes to show how life is a result of the decisions you make and that in a matter of seconds, your entire life can change. After watching this, you will ALWAYS keep your eyes on the road!

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