Dad Gushes Over The Stranger Who Saved His Life Two Years Ago But Has No Idea He’s Next To Him

Bruce Becke needed a bone marrow transplant fast when he found out he had cancer. He was married and had children and knew that if he didn't find a match soon that he might not live much longer.

Bruce soon got his wish.

A man in Maryland had the surgery needed to donate bone marrow to help save Bruce's life. The man didn't know Bruce but knew that he had to do something to help another person survive.

On the second anniversary of Bruce's transplant, his family treated him to dinner and sang to him. A man and his mother were at a table beside Bruce and his family. While talking to the pair, Bruce mentioned that he had a transplant and that it was because of the young man that he was still alive.

Find out what this young man told Bruce that left him speechless and crying in the restaurant.

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