Dad Films “Sexy And I Know It” Dance Routine With Kids

Many mothers don't enjoy the thought of leaving their children alone with their fathers. Although this fear may never be verbalized, it is something in the back of every mother's mind.

In general, mothers are more concerned with the safety of their children. On the other hand, fathers are interested in having fun and letting children learn from their own mistakes.

A father's idea of fun is usually in sync with what children consider enjoyable as well. One mother of triplets wasn't surprised to see what her husband had done with the kids while she was away. She had only left for a few hours to run some errands. The father stayed home to take care of their sons.

In this hilarious video, the father can be seen leaning against a wall. While he glares at the camera, the dad begins to clap his hands dramatically. The iconic song I'm Sexy, and I Know It stars playing in the background.

This father has dubbed the song I'm Daddy, and I Know It. The camera begins to zoom in on the dad as he shakes his bottom vigorously.

The parody continues to show all of the problems that dads face when taking care of their children. In one scene, the father can be seen falling on a toy and pretending to cry. In another scene, his five children run out of the bathroom laughing. He walks in the room to find the bathroom a mess.

The video also depicts how this father disciplines his children. The children have to sit in a timeout after fighting over their toys. The footage eventually transitions to a scene where the father is lifting his children to show his strength.

The next few scenes show some of the other problems that fathers face when dealing with their children. This father can be seen changing three diapers at one time. While most people would consider this the worst job of all, this father doesn't seem to mind. He can even juggle the diapers.

The father is then seen cooking for his children while ensuring that they don't get into trouble. In one scene, he is holding a child while stirring a pot of food at the same time. Next, he helps the children clean up their mess.

When the mother finally arrived home from her errands, she was greeted by her husband and children with this hilarious video. 

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