Dad Films Giggling Toddler When Family Dog Approaches Prompting Outcome Dad Never Expected

Feb 07, 2019 by apost team

Two of the most lovable and innocent beings on this earth are babies and dogs. Everybody loves them, and they can do no wrong. Pets quickly become a part of the family and are often seen as just another human child to their owners. The two are adorable enough on their own, so what happens when you put the two of them together?

Something so precious you can’t even put it into words!

One of the most recent viral videos features both, and it’s a sight that needs to be seen by everyone! In the video that is guaranteed to make your day, a toddler and a dog find themselves in quite a hilarious situation. The toddler featured in the video is only 18 months old, but makes up for his age in personality! His best friend, the family dog, just won’t stop making him giggle!

The dog’s name is Brooklyn, and he’s three years old. Clearly, he still has some puppy personality left in him, as he seems to be more energetic and lively than ever in the video! He seems to love playing with the toddler just as much as the toddler enjoys playing with him! His family says that although the dog is skittish around some humans and other animals, the one thing he loves the most is kids!

Thankfully, the owner of the dog and mother of the toddler, Jennie, decided to record their unbelievable interaction so everyone could join in on the fun with them!

In the adorable video, the dog Brooklyn is extremely energetic and decides to run around the living room in circles; but not without kissing the toddler a few times on each lap! He keeps repeating his circles around the living room, always circling back to the toddler and even licking his face a few times in the most adorable and affectionate way.

But what really makes the video complete are the little giggles coming from the toddler that just don’t stop!

It was a mutually entertaining situation for both parties! This scenario goes on for quite a while, making it funnier and funnier the longer it goes on! Thankfully, it seems like Brooklyn is just another part of the family for these people and it sure seems like him and the toddler will grow up to be best friends! You can watch the hilarious video for yourself below.

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