Dad Designs T-Shirt Only To Trick His Son Into Giving Him A Massage

Apr 17, 2019 by apost team

Having children is an extremely fulfilling aspect of life. Most people wait their entire lives to have children, and when the time finally comes, they feel more joy than they’ve ever felt before. But it goes without saying that having children isn’t all fun and games.

When it comes to raising children, there is also some stress and pain involved. Being a parent of small children can be a lot of hard work. Trying to keep up with the energy of a toddler while being much older than them is difficult.

All of the running around to chase the kids can take a toll on the bodies of their parents. Parents will never say no to pleasing their children, so if a day playing with them in the sunshine means that your back pain pays the price, so be it!

But what if there was some solution that could help ease our pain while still playing with our kids?

Ken Kawamoto, a software engineer at Google, came up with a priceless plan in order to manage his pain while spending time with his children. The creative method is something we’re sure you’ve never seen before.

Ken was inspired by his son, who loves anything that has to do with trains. So Ken ran with the train obsession and took it to another level in order to trick his son into massaging his back while playing with toys!

But how exactly does this plan work?

Ken designed a t-shirt that has train tracks imprinted on it. This means that if he lies flat on the ground, his son can run the trains over the tracks on his back, giving him a soothing massage in the process! The t-shirt not only features train tracks, but a pond and some adorable train station signs to keep the theme.

Thankfully, Ken posted a video of the train t-shirt in action and posted it on social media where he received an amazing 1.22 million views! This t-shirt seems like a win-win situation for both parties.

Not only does his son get to play with trains, but the father gets a back massage in the process from the motion of the toys on his body!

Not only did Ken make a t-shirt for himself, but he also made them available for purchase so every parent can join in on the massage fun! The t-shirt is available here.

You can watch the video of this smart idea below:

What do you think about this creative t-shirt? Would you ever wear one? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to show this funny video to all your friends and family members with children!