Dad Cries After Hearing Heartbroken Daughter Sing About Pain Following Her Breakup

Jan 25, 2023 by apost team

The end of a relationship is always painful at any age but it can hurt even more for a parent to see his child going through such an emotional experience. So, when a dad witnessed his teen daughter suffering through heartbreak, he could not hold back his tears as he listened to her sing her heart out with a breakup song.

Jewell Richins, a content creator from Utah with over 1.1 million followers across many social media platforms, has been sharing videos of himself and his daughters singing during their road trips and short drives. The proud dad, who is in his late 40s, has seven children, but it's his daughters, KB and Karrisyn, who are often featured in his videos because of their beautiful singing voices.

The girls and their father first went viral in February 2020 after Richins uploaded their rendition of the Grammy-winning song "Rise Up" by Andra Day. Richins wanted to dedicate the video to his late father and the girls' moving cover has been viewed more than 6.6 million times.  

In October 2021, Richins' video post of his road trip to the Wasatch Mountains with KB became another viral sensation as she sang "Easy on Me." KB's version of the popular hit highlighted how much her voice has matured within a year of sharing videos online and her dad, being one of her biggest fans, said that it felt like his heart stopped as he listened to his daughter sing an Adele hit.

It's fair to say that Richins is a very loving father who is incredibly proud of his girls. His connection to KB, the eldest, is most admirable. 

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In another viral video from October 2020, Richins, KB and Karrisyn were on a road trip yet again, but the mood this time was different. KB apparently broke up with her boyfriend and was struggling to belt out "I'll Never Love Again" by Lady Gaga

KB could be seen in the video trying to sing the first notes. When she could not do it, she told her dad and sister that there was a tightness in her throat. The daughter then stared out the window and muttered that she felt so embarrassed. Richins could be heard on the video consoling and assuring his daughter that she can simply let go of her emotions. 

"Because people will relate to it so just let your feelings flow. If you’re going to cry ’cause you’re sad, then cry.”

Karrisyn, who sat at the back, also gave her big sister some encouragement. As KB attempted a second time, Richins reached out for her hand. As she poured her pain into the song, the father's eyes started welling up. It was evident on Richins’ face that he truly felt his daughter's pain. He was not even shy about wiping the tears in his eyes quite a few times.

The touching video has been viewed over 10.6 million times since its release, with thousands of people commenting that Richins is such a cool and amazing father. 

"Let me just say something...he should definitely get the dad of the year award!!!!!! I’ve never seen a more genuine, concerning and caring father." 

"I love how she wanted to hold her dad's hand and he didn't hesitate to take her hand." 

"What an awesome dad. Instead of telling his little girl she'll get over it or she's still just a kid, he cried with her and shared her heartbreak. Soooo beautiful!"

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