Dad Turns Board Games Into Bed Sheets For Unwell Kids Lying In Hospitals To Keep Entertained

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

When Kevin Gatlin from Charlotte, North Carolina visited a friend's sick child in the hospital, he was struck by how stark a hospital room can seem through the eyes of a child. This observation led him to an idea to help kids and their families get through long hospital stays.

According to WCNC News, when Kevin Gatlin visited his friend's sick child in the hospital, he observed the child playing games with their mom on the bed. This inspired the Charlotte, North Carolina man to create a line of bed sheets that is covered with games and activities.

Kevin spent two years developing his unique bedding and even consulted with educators to incorporate educational principles such as geography, math, and science into his products.

Kevin's company is named Playtime Edventures, and his line of fun bedding for kids is currently being used in 10 American hospitals. The product is also gaining popularity with parents for their kids to use in their bedrooms at home. Playtime Edventures also sells sleeping bags printed with games as part of their collection.

Kevin's desire is to help sick kids have an opportunity to mentally escape the starkness of their hospital rooms is a reminder that a seemingly simple idea can make a tremendous difference in a child's quality of life.

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