Dad Confronts His Son’s Bully By Spending Alone Time With Him

When Aubrey Fontenot found out his 8-year-old son was getting bullied, he decided to intervene. Instead of responding with anger, he confronted the bully by taking him out for an afternoon.

A parent might also stop and wonder why a child would resort to bullying. They might be facing some life difficulties that would drive them to that type of behavior. If you're a compassionate person, you might take steps to find out why someone is bullying your child.

Aubrey Fontenot was dealing with a lot of mixed feelings when he found out that his son was a target of bullying, and he knew he had to do something about it. He went to the school to talk with the staff about the problem that was plaguing his 8-year-old boy. The bully stole his son's phone, which had caused the bully to be suspended. He found out that an 11-year-old named Tamarion was the culprit behind the bullying incidents, according to Inside Edition.

A phone call to the bully's mother, however, revealed to Mr. Fontenot that Tamarion's family had become homeless, reports The Atlanta Black Star. This was the first time Fontenot realized the true gravity of the situation.

Upon learning this news, Fontenot saw the problem in a different light. He asked Tamarion's mother to speak to him, and she allowed him to speak with Tamarion about his actions. The boy confided that he had been made fun of for being dirty and not having things that other children had, and he lashed out so that people would stop making fun of him.

Fontenot decided that it would be better to show the young man kindness rather than chew him out in a fit of anger. As Tamarion had been suspended, Fontenot took the opportunity to spend an afternoon with the boy and buy him some essential things, the video chronicles. Fontenot also uploaded a conversation that he had with Tamarion about morality and self-confidence.

Following a recorded conversation between Jordan and Tamarion, Fontenot revealed his son and his former bully are now friends, and Fontenot devotes some time to ensure that Tamarion has a good role model in his life. He also set up a crowdfunding campaign for people to contribute online for the well-being of Tamarion and his family. The goal of $7,000 was far surpassed to reach an amazing amount of over $30,000, the video shows.

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