Dad Celebrates Surviving Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer For Five Years With Victory Bell

Oct 16, 2020 by apost team

It is dreadful to walk into a health facility, thinking you have an idea of what you are suffering from only to be proven wrong by your doctor. This is the story of Earl Groce, a resident of Greensboro, North Carolina. Like many patients, Mr. Groce felt unwell and visited his physician to diagnose and treat what he presumed to be an umbilical hernia. In October 2015, Groce’s story took a different twist because he got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. However, he has proven a warrior since that day.

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Cancer is a word that can change your world instantly. Those who have fought and won the battle deserve a round of applause and recognition for their outstanding courage. Few individuals manage this skirmish, especially if diagnosed at a late stage, like in Mr. Groce’s case.

Unfortunately, it is hard to predict or relate your symptoms to the possibility of suffering cancer. How this disease will affect you and the challenges you will have while living with it will differ from what Groce and others have experienced. While some people are proud to be cancer survivors, others have succumbed to the disease.

Mr. Groce can narrate how it feels to be a recipient of awful news, especially after being diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, Mr. Groce’s diagnosis was not only a rare type of cancer, but this disease had spread to his liver, peritoneum, and lungs, reports Fox 8

The good news is that Groce did not allow this disease to disempower him. He fought it off and stands strong today. Mr. Groce’s story is worth celebrating because he is among the 3% of pancreatic cancer survivors around the world. 

Dr. George Yacoub is one of the frontline health practitioners who assisted Groce to successfully soldier on, according to Wake Forest Baptist Health's page. His expertise in hematology and oncology is exceptional. 

Groce’s amazing daughter pushed him to seek medical treatment and go miles further to find his condition’s right experts. His battle was easier and manageable due to the treatment and support he got at at the health center as well as his incredible doctors.

He is grateful to the people who have supported him through his journey, and says "I am the luckiest person to ever live". Although there have been several challenges along the way, through the help of his health care providers, friends, family, and clinical trials, Groce can celebrate a well-fought battle.

Cancer patients struggle mentally and physically. And like Mr. Groce, celebrating their victory and recognizing them can be a reason for others to keep fighting. It can be tiring, days may get stormy, but there is always a chance to survive. There will be challenges, but the joy after the prolonged pain is worth celebrating.

Mr. Groce’s story can encourage someone. Let’s support cancer fighters, respect the survivors, and honor those who never make it. We should never give up on cancer patients. Moreover, if you have any type of cancer, you should never lose hope because you can win the battle. You can live to inspire others with your beautiful story.

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