Cyclist Finds Stray Cat On The Street And Decides To Take Her On A Whirlwind Trip Around The Globe

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

Dean Nicholson was a manual laborer in his hometown of Dunbar, Scotland, when he set off in September 2018 to cycle around the globe.

While cycling through the mountains south of Bosnia, he came across a scrawny grey-and-white kitten that had been scampering along the road, trying to keep up with his bike. This was the start of an unusual friendship, as the newly named Nala joined Dean on his travels.

Cycling Around The World

Dean Nicholson is a long-distance cyclist who aspired to see the world from the comfort of his bike, as Insider shared. Nicholson anticipated heavy storms, scorching sunlight, and violent winds. He even expected such a long journey sometimes to become exhausting.

One day as Nicholson was biking through Bosnia, he heard meowing. He slowed his pedaling to find its source. As he did so, he was stunned.

One Little Surprise

His bike wheels slowed to a crawl and then a halt, he spotted a large rock. On the other side of the rock was a small kitten. It had a tiger-striped coat and an unusually loud voice to match.

Pesto Pals

Since the kitten was so pitifully skinny, Nicholson decided to feed her. Although the only food he had to offer the little cat was pesto, she gobbled it up. The Scot was glad to have helped the kitten and was soon on his way.

Problems or Possibilities

There was only one problem; the kitten wouldn't stop following him. Nicholson quickly thought of the problems bringing the little one with him, but he also thought of the possibilities.

Nicholson placed the kitten, whom he named 'Nala', into the basket on the front of his bike. She quickly jumped from the basket onto her new friend's shoulder.

Although he later put in back into the basket and secured her with a harness, Nala still enjoyed traveling.

Now Who's Doing the Following?

As they traveled, Nala's presence garnered so much attention on social media and in-person that Nicholson is writing a book about his travels with the kitten. What do you hope to read in such a book?

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