Cute Toddler Junkie Immediately Hooked On Looking At Trains After First Exhilarating High

Addiction is real and it has no age requirement. Just ask 3-year-old, Logan Gunter. After a fun family outing at the railway, his once easy going train table days were blown apart when he experienced the real thing up close. A 56 car freight train sent little Logan's life into an addiction to all things tracked. No longer would Thomas the Train be enough to sustain him. He needed the locomotives and he needed them NOW.

“I’ve got to look at a train right now. Just a quick look. I need it—I need it real bad,” Little Logan's cries are tough to take as his parents try to administer the tough love and help him go cold turkey. “Just give me a little train, that’s it. Two cars, I’ll take two cars. Or just one caboose, okay? Come on, you’ve gotta help me out here.” These words are said over and over again and it takes everything not to give in.

Please exercise caution when attempting to expose your own children to trains. Some may be able to ride the rail without feeling much of anything, but others may get hit as bad as poor Logan.