Cute Baby Elephant Is Chasing Swallows Around Street In National Park

A young elephant was caught on camera while he was chasing swallows around a street at a national park in South Africa.

Have you ever caught sight of animals playing around? It is especially adorable when those animals happen to be babies. There is nothing better than watching animals play and run together without a care in the world.

In fact, many animals love to chase birds around. It’s a fun game since birds are usually able to quickly get away from the animals that are chasing them. Since they can fly and the animals on the ground cannot, it is a fun game of “catch me if you can.” One woman was able to catch a baby elephant having a great deal of fun with the swallows flying all around him.

The elephant calf certainly has a lot in common with small children who enjoy chasing after flocks of pigeons and seagulls at the park and beach. That is probably because baby elephants can be fun and playful as they grow. They enjoy running around and playing while the older adults keep a watchful eye. This was the case for this particular calf in Kruger National Park.

The national park is located in South Africa and boasts a number of different species. Among them are elephants and their young. A traveler in the park was enjoying the day when they spotted a young calf chasing around the birds. The swallows were doing an excellent job of keeping the animal as busy as they could.

You will crack up when you watch the swallows fly around the small elephant. He looks as if he is having a ton of fun chasing them around! The calf runs around the road, swinging his trunk back and forth as he watches the swallows dive around him. At one point, he runs off the road and stops to watch them before heading back onto the asphalt.

The older elephants are close by the road as the youngster burns off some energy. After a couple of minutes, the calf walks off the road towards the adults. We guess he decided that there was no way he was going to catch the birds on his own! Are you ready to see the video for yourself?

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