Customer Is Rude To Special Needs Employee, "Pizza Inn" Owner Puts Them In Their Place

Running a restaurant can be a daunting task. Dealing with rude costumers are even worse. One South Carolinian restaurant faced discrimination towards her employees. Pizza Inn in Greenville, SC is a tight-knit community. Around 63% of the employees are special needs.

A customer who visited recently had a problem with the restaurant's policy of hiring staff with special needs. They reportedly told owner Amanda Cartagine she should hang a sign outside their door, according to Yahoo News, that explicitly explains that. Like any good business manager, Cartagine knew the customer was always right so she decided to comply.

She posted a sign on the restaurant entrance, that said that she hired "ALL of God's children". Her employees mean the world to her and she would never want them to be rudely treated like the customer suggested.

Cartagine wanted to make sure people knew that a rude and entitled behavior like that would not be tolerated. Creating the sign was the first thing she came up with. If the customers don't have the patience to be more accepting of her employees, then she had no reason to accept their rudeness in return. Although she wanted to speak on the issue, she didn't want to be rude or hateful. She wanted to express her opinion as maturely as possible.

When it comes to having employees that are mainly special needs, Cartagine says that once she taught them how to do their jobs, all it took was a bit of practice before they were amazing at it.

Social media was taken by storm when they heard of Cartagine's amazing sign. People agreed that the man was rude but more importantly people were in awe of how well she handled the difficult situation.

When it comes to issues like this, it is very important to speak out against discrimination. Pizza Inn is just one of the many examples of injustice in this world. It is best to handle things like this in a mature manner. Cartagine handled her situation extremely well.

You can watch the whole story in the video below:

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