Cristiano Ronaldo Spots Sick Fan's Sign And Stops Team Bus For Adorable Meeting.

Regardless of how big of a star you are on the field or the court, it is always important to step back and recognize the fans that support you along the way. Nobody understands this importance more than soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hailing from Portugal, Ronaldo is currently playing for the Italian club Juventus while doing double duty as captain of the Portugal national team.

One day while competing for his national team, Ronaldo and his teammates were leaving the Bessa stadium when he spotted something that caught his eye.

A small boy named Eduardo Moireira was standing on the sidewalk outside of the stadium with a sign that read “Cristiano, give me a hug.” Ronaldo immediately called for the bus to pull over so that he could get out and grant the boy his wish.

The 11-year-old Moireira stands barely 4-feet tall after battling a host of illnesses throughout his life. Included in his struggles is a battle with leukemia, a disease he has been fighting since he was only one.

The only thing that cheers up Moireira is watching his favorite soccer star in action. When he knew that Ronaldo would be in his hometown, he wanted to figure out a way to get the star's attention. And he sure did!

After the bus stopped, Ronaldo motioned for Moireira to come to the top of the steps for some pictures and that hug that he had requested. It was a dream come true for the sweet boy.

The incident also demonstrated one of the many reasons why Ronaldo is so loved by many. In addition to being an amazing soccer player, he is also an amazing person.

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