Creative Parents Build Crazy-Cool Bookcase And Everybody Is Head Over Heels

Jul 30, 2019 by apost team

Jessica and Sinclair Breen, a couple in Australia, decided to build a bookshelf for their children. The result was so impressive that it went viral.

Even today, bookshelves are often an important part of home décor. Despite the popularity of audiobooks and eBooks, many people still like conventional books. So many people still need and want bookshelves for their books.

The Breens own a home renovation company, so they knew how to make bookshelves. Jessica found the geometric design online and showed it to Sinclair, who was just as eager to construct the bookshelf. Jessica measured the chosen wall and then consulted a friend who taught graphic arts. He helped her determine the size of the panels that they would need to use.

Ordering the panels cost the Breens $900. They then assembled the panels into 36 square boxes of different sizes. As their wall didn’t provide enough support for the bookshelf, the Breens also used some MDF (medium density fiberboard) panels to place on the wall and strengthen it.

After assembling and painting the MDF panels, the Breens placed the boxes on it and arranged them into the desired pattern and mapped it out. They then secured the MDF to the wall. The last step was to attach the shelves to the fortified wall. The Breens started with the largest shelves and formed a circle. As they worked inward, they place the smaller shelves in concentric circles.

The entire project took them sixteen hours. The Breens began assembling their boxes at 8 a.m. and finished the bookshelf at midnight.

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