Crafting A Solar Clay Pot Lighthouse

Jun 10, 2020 by apost team

Crafts are one of the best ways for people to spend their free time. It's a great way to relax and express some creativity. And the truth is, it's not terribly expensive to make many crafts. Even ones that look great can be made of materials that people already have at home, or that can be sourced from dollar stores. This solar lighthouse project is a great example of a simple craft that adds an elegant touch to any patio or back yard.

Simple Materials

The main things that are needed for this project can all be found in the garage or at the local dollar store. Small clay pots, glue, a solar garden light, and a razor knife are all that's really needed. The other items are all really optional. They depend on how you want to decorate the lighthouse. Some people create a whole seascape with small rocks and other details. Other people will simply paint the structure in bright colors.

The great thing about this project is that it can be as simple or complex as the maker decides. It's a fairly foolproof craft. Stacking and gluing the pots makes a perfect lighthouse shape. Once that part of the process is complete, the other steps are incredibly simple.

Customize It!

The instructional video has over 33,000 views and plenty of comments. While Helene, the maker of the video, has plenty of great ideas, commenters have shared theirs, too. Inspiration can also come from photographs found online or taken from magazines.

Finally, Helene herself mentions that there are plenty of clay pot lighthouses on Pinterest. There are plenty of places to find inspiration for the design. Helene's addition of a solar light at the top really finishes the look off.

This is a project that is best worked on over several days. The glue between the pots will need time to set. Then, when painting the pots, drying time will have to be factored in. This is a great accessory to add flair to an outdoor garden. It also makes a great indoor piece.

For example, it could be placed on a desk. Looking at it during challenging work sessions might be a great way to stay motivated. It could be a reminder of an upcoming vacation to a favorite spot.

What are your favorite dollar store crafts? How do you find the time and budget to make them? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to others!