Cows Jump For Joy After Seeing Blue Skies For The First Time In 6 Months

Sep 14, 2021 by apost team

Winter can be tough for people, but animals may also struggle when it comes to the long dreary winter season. Many farm animals are kept in enclosures during the winter months, which serves as a way to protect them from the hard conditions that come along with the cold. This is necessary to keep them safe, but there is no denying the fact that it can be difficult to be cooped up.

Most of us understood how this feels when the coronavirus pandemic took over the world. When the countries that were severely affected went into lockdown mode, it led to many of us being cooped up for more than a year. The outdoors and being out in nature took became even more special for people once lockdowns were lifted, and there is a new lease on life for most. Animals too feel confined if they don't get to leave their enclosures for a long time. 

In one video from 2015, a group of adorable cows certainly felt true joy once they felt the fresh air and sunshine on their hides after being in their barn for over six months. The sweet video has been going viral and shows several dozen cows being released into a green pasture. The reaction they give to a crowd of onlookers is absolutely priceless, as they literally started jumping for joy, and their happiness is quite contagious. This video is sure to make your day, and may even have you jumping for joy along with the cows as well! 

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As seen in the video below, the cows were a bit hesitant at first when the doors opened to the green grass. They stopped for a few seconds to evaluate the situation, but then started pouring out into the field. After seeing the sky and the grass for the first time in six months, they all started jumping around in excitement.

This type of reaction really is something that can bring a tear to your eye, as it really shows you the true emotions that we experience in this world. Animals go through the same ups and downs that we go through and experience the same feelings of joy and sadness. Witnessing these cows get so excited about being able to be outdoors again is truly a great feeling that is almost tangible.

One of the best things about this video is witnessing the baby cows experience being outdoors for the first time. There were a few cows that obviously had given birth during the winter months, so the young cows were literally seeing the sky and grass for the first time. Their actions show us how happy the bovine creatures are, but it certainly also helps that they are extremely adorable! 

All the cows continued to run and jump around, showing everyone just how happy they were to finally be back outside again. Another thing that this video illustrates is the level of humanity that farm animals possess. We may not always recognize that animals have deep and complicated emotions just like humans, but more people are being reminded of it thanks to videos like the one below.

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