Coworkers Raise $7,000 To Buy Car For Janitor Who Travels Miles To Work Everyday

Feb 26, 2020 by apost team

The janitor’s name is Robert Reed. He is 60 years old, and it only took approximately 120 days for the people he works with at Farmington Elementary School to become very fond of him. Even the students at the school located in Germantown, Tennessee like this man. Robert’s sunny disposition and willingness to help people didn’t go unnoticed, and neither did the fact that he struggled to get to work every day because he didn’t have access to a car. 

Co-workers noticed this and decided to take matters into their own hands by raising money to help him buy a car.

Life is no picnic when you have to take three buses to get to work, walk miles, and do the physical labor involved with cleaning an entire school. This was what Robert did every day of the week, as reported here by The Western Journal.

When his workday was over, he had to get on three buses again and walk an additional 2 miles to get back to where he lived. It would take Robert 4 hours to get home.

Because Robert was so well-liked, some of the people he worked with would drive him to the stop where he caught the bus. 

Robert had been saving his money for a truck he wanted to purchase. His desire was to use the truck to get a yard maintenance business going.

After realizing how difficult it was for Robert to get to work, the people he worked with decided to raise money so that he could buy the truck he wanted. It took them 21 hours to raise $7,000.

Watch Robert kneel down and hug the teacher who organized the fundraiser for him. See him cry uncontrollably and smile through his tears when he’s informed about the money raised for him. View the video below, and be sure to tell others about this touching story.