Cowgirl Shows She’s A ‘Redneck Woman’ While Dancing To Gretchen Wilson Song

Dec 02, 2022 by apost team

Brazil is a very geographically and culturally diverse region. It's a surprise that most people don't think of cowgirls when they think of this country. The following cowgirl proves that she's got the attitude and the moves to be right at home on the ranch. 

Thays Monaro is a professional dancer, choreographer and trainer from São Paulo, Brazil. She appeared in a 2018 video dancing to Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" with dancers Drama Lendário and Warlei Oliveira.

Monaro is a country girl at heart. The São Pauloan frequently fills her social media channels with a hefty dose of horses, fresh air and all things country living. She also posts country-themed dance videos to her channel.

In addition to life in the great outdoors, this country girl spends quite a bit of time dancing. In fact, she loves dancing so much that she's dedicated much of her life to it.

When Monaro wanted to create a new routine, she reached out to Lendário and Oliveira for assistance. These two professional dancers had the skill and energy needed to match Monaro's enthusiasm. Together, this trio created enough momentum to bring in over 2 million views on YouTube.

A special dance routine requires the right music. For this performance, Monaro chose Wilson's "Redneck Woman." This hit expressed the passion and power Monaro hoped to show through her dancing.

Their performance was filmed on a ranch. In addition to these surroundings, the performers wore cowboy hats, jeans and brown suede work shoes. Just from looking at the scene, you could see that they were ready to do some serious country dancing.

Of course, these dancers were far more than good-looking people clad in country-style clothing. They had tremendous dance talent and boundless enthusiasm for their performance. Be amazed at how flawlessly and seamlessly they blend their moves into this world-class country routine.

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But how did this song get popular? And how did Wilson come up with it? After all, "Redneck Woman" is a unique title — to say the least. In an interview with "Taste of Country," Wilson opened up regarding the track's origin story, which she came up with alongside fellow country singer John Rich.

"The day that we wrote Redneck Woman was a day that John and I were sitting around watching country music videos and Faith Hill's 'Breathe' was on," Wilson said. "She's gorgeous. She looks like a supermodel. She's rolling around in satin sheets. ... I looked at John and said, 'This is probably never gonna happen for me because I'll never look like that, and I'll never be that. That is just not the kind of woman I am.'"

Wilson continued: "He looked at me (and asked), 'Well, what kind of woman are you then?' And I said, 'I'm a redneck woman.' Then he said, 'What's the matter with that?' We, at that moment, decided to be as authentic as we could about that kind of a woman, and I felt like it was a responsibility almost at that point to speak to those girls who felt like me."

Wilson struck a chord with "Redneck Woman," which came out in 2004 on her "Here For the Party" album, which sold 5 million copies. "Redneck Woman" rose to number one on the charts in May of 2004.

"The reason why I became successful in the first place is I think women — and maybe some men — they accepted me because I was a voice that was speaking to them about them" Wilson added. "For a long time, I feel like in country music, women had gotten so slick and soft and pretty. So being authentic and being real, that is what got me to this dance."

The message behind "Redneck Woman" certainly seemed to resonate with Thays Monaro — and it shows in her performance. What are your thoughts on the inspiration behind "Redneck Woman"? Can you dance like this? If you enjoyed this, be sure to pass it on to any country fans you know!

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