Cow Escapes Truck On Way To Slaughterhouse Making Headlines When Rescuer Discovers A Secret She’s Been Keeping

Jan 11, 2019 by apost team

We have all seen the many slogans on popular commercials advertising beef and products made from beef. But have you ever thought about what its like to be the cow that is to be served for dinner after Americans watch these commercials?

Brianna the cow recently realized something was wrong on her way to the slaughterhouse. Somehow she realized an early demise was not too far in her future. Brianna decided she did not want to die that day. The cow leaped from the truck and landed in the street.

Once on the road, Brianna took off on a full sprint. Her only thoughts were to save her own life and protect a secret only she knew about.

Runaway cows are not that uncommon. Many commuters see these cows on a daily basis. But Brianna had to be a sight to behold as she ran along a highway in New Jersey. Brianna was even shown on the news running along interstate 80 after freeing herself from the double-decker truck meant to transport her to the death chamber

It would be hours before law enforcement officials could corral the 1000 pound bovine.

The owner decided to spare Brianna's life after her recapture. The cow was sent to an animal rescue in the state. There, Brianna lives with 70 other cows. It was probable that some of them had stories of a near-death experience similar to the one possessed by Brianna.

Americans tend to think of cows as a source of meat and food. However, these creatures have thoughts, feelings, and a desire to live a peaceful life. Brianna also knew she had another reason to escape the slaughterhouse.

The secret Brianna held was revealed to workers at the sanctuary not long after she arrived. Brianna was in the late stages of pregnancy. And as soon as it was safe for her to give birth she did so.

Mike Stura is the founder of the sanctuary. He says watching Winter open her eyes for the first time was the 'most awesome' thing he has experienced. He said he was a little nervous due to the fact the unexpected birth was completed before a veterinarian had time to get to the shelter.

Stura says that for people like himself who work to save cows versus those who slaughter them and package them to be eaten, the thought of the fate narrowly escaped by Brianna and Winter is disheartening

Stura says the remarkable step taken by Brianna to save her and her child will not go unrewarded. He explains it is his mission to assure the two are never separated.

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