Courageous Rescuers Help Bear Who Had Bucket Stuck On His Head For Four Weeks

Dec 14, 2019 by apost team

A little black bear had been trying to remove the bucket his head was lodged in for about a month. He got lucky when a team of rescuers helped him out.

As reported by PennLive Patriot-News, Dean Hornberger devotes his time to rescuing animals, so when he and Samantha Eigenbrod, who is Dean’s girlfriend, laid their eyes on a picture of a bear with a bucket on its head, they made the decision to locate the animal and help it.

The bear had been wandering around Clarion County, Pennsylvania with the bucket on its head for quite some time, approximately a month. The Game Commission in that state was aware of the problem, but the workers there said that as long as the bear was in good health and was able to get around, they wouldn’t be able to take action.

Labor Day, 2014, was the day Dean and some friends of his set out to save the animal.

But after hours of searching, the team of rescuers had lost hope. They thought about throwing in the towel, but that thought was quickly abandoned when the bear appeared near the street.

The bear ran away from Dean when he approached it. He had a hard time getting his hands on the bucket, but he did, and he began tugging on it. The tugging and pulling went on for several moments, then the bear broke away and ran into the street.

Dean continued to chase the bear as a car was rolling towards them. The battling duo ran off to the side of the road where Dean’s friends met them. There they wrestled the bear to the ground and began sawing the bucket open.

Holding the bear down wasn’t easy, and neither was all that sawing. All that hard work paid off, however, because the rescue team was finally able to break the bucket open and free the animal.

As soon as that bucket was removed, the bear quickly ran away. Everyone cheered him on because they were just so happy that it worked out so well. If not for them, that poor little bear would have probably died a terrible death with a bucket on its head.

Take a look at the video of this rescue and tell your friends about it. The ending will surely fill your heart with joy.