Courageous 7-Year-Old Saves Toddler From Drowning With Aid Of 9-Year-Old

Aug 03, 2022 by apost team

A near drowning in California turned into a small miracle when in July 2022, a 7-year-old saved a 3-year-old, whom he'd seen motionless beneath the water. The older boy, Massiah Browne, thought something about the child looked strange. Recalling the incident, he later told reporters, "I saw a boy at the bottom of the pool." 

Having been swimming since he was a toddler himself, Browne drove down through the six feet of water to the other boy. Of this incredibly brave act, the second grader simply said, "I went to go check on him." 

The young boy then reported what he saw to Savannah Marlborough, a nine-year-old relative who was at their apartment complex pool with Browne. Remembering the moment, Marlborough told reporters, "He came back up to tell me." Thinking quickly, Marlborough advised Browne to help the child. "I told him to go get him," she said. "And then he grabbed his arm. And then he came back with him." Recalling the scene, Marlborough admitted, "I never saw somebody under the water like that."
Speaking to GMA, Browne said that next, "Savannah brought him to his mom and then they did CPR on the boy, and then they called the doctor." As soon as the two children pulled the toddler from the water, adults were immediately alerted of the situation and took over, reviving the child. One of the grown-ups present relayed the events to reporters and said, "He wasn't coming up. He was just upside down, face down, floating on top of the pool."

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According to reports, the Sacramento fire department was dispatched to the Westlake apartment complex after receiving 911 calls. First responders took over life-saving measures and transported the boy, who was breathing normally when they left. A Sacramento Fire Department spokesperson confirmed the story. The department also said that the child in question was transported to a local hospital. The three-year-old was in critical condition, having received "advanced life support efforts provided by Sacramento firefighters."

This combination of efforts from first responders, CPR-certified adults, and fearless children prevented a tragedy from occurring that day. However, young Browne doesn't seem to see his actions as all that out of the ordinary. Seemingly convinced he was just helping, Brown told reporters he doesn't see himself as a hero, but "my mom does."

While both children remain surprisingly humble about their heroic actions on the pool deck, their parents are beaming with pride. Browne's father, former Olympic boxer Marcus Browne, was a mixture of shocked and proud. He told reporters that despite his son's strong swimming skills and aptitude in the water, he "couldn't believe" what had happened. He added, reflecting on little Browne's overall demeanor, saying, "He's a good kid."

The internet equally seemed amazed at the heroics of such a small child. One commenter on the KTVB report wrote, "What a hero! His name says it all." Also touching upon how apt a name "Messiah" is for the young hero, another commenter wrote, "Bless him. He has a fitting name." 

Unwilling perhaps to rely on miracles, the child seemed more focused on pool safety measures when they spoke to reporters. When asked about the day, Marlborough advised other young pool goers to "make sure that every kid is comfortable and make sure that every kid is watched."

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