Couple With Down's Syndrome Mark 24 Years Of Marriage, Say Their Wedding Day Was Their "Best Day" Of Life

One couple with Down syndrome, Maryanne and Tommy, have proved the doubters wrong and had a successful and happy love story in a nearly 24-year marriage!

Maryanne's sister, Linda, remembers how it all began. She said that Maryanne came home one day and confessed she had a crush on a nice guy she had met. Mother Linda never treated Maryanne any different than her other children, so she was excited about their budding relationship.

"They love one another dearly, respect one another and are completely honest," Linda said when speaking to People Magazine.

The family invited Tommy over for dinner and he became closer to both Maryanne and her family. After nearly two years together, Tommy knew that Maryanne was the love of his life.

Due to his financial situation, he could only afford a plastic engagement ring. He asked Linda if he had her blessing to propose to Maryanne. She agreed and took him to a jewelry store to get a real ring. When he proposed, Maryanne couldn't contain her happiness and agreed to marry him.

"My wedding was the best day of my life," said Maryanne to The Independent. "I was shocked when Tommy proposed but I didn't have to think twice about saying yes."

Despite their love, many people told the couple and their family that they would never be able to have a normal life together due to both of them having Down syndrome according to The Independent. Some told them that they shouldn't even be able to be in a relationship. Despite the naysayers, they have been together for over 24 years, with many more happy years to come!

Watch the video below to hear more about their amazing love story:

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