Couple Trapped In Jeep for 5 Days During Snow Storm Have Finally Been Rescued

Maia Herman-Kitami and Carlos Hernandez-Isava woke up early on January 30 to prepare for a camping trip. The couple left San Francisco in their yellow jeep and traveled a route that would eventually land them to Mendocino National Forest.

The trip would mark the first time Maia ever saw snow and the couple was extremely excited. Unfortunately, the couple never reached their destination. Somewhere along their route, they got stuck in a snow storm.

The couple was lucky to have the food and supplies with them they packed for camping. They were able to insulate themselves from the snow, eat to retain their strength, and when necessary drank melted snow to stay hydrated.

Carlos explains the couple made plans that included what they would do if something went wrong. Because of this, he explains the couple was well prepared. However, Carlos says there were still times when he was gripped with fear.

The couple was supposed to return to San Francisco on Friday night. When there was no sign of them by Saturday morning, their family called the police. A search for the pair was initiated on Sunday and by Monday there was still no sign of Maia and Carlos.

The Sheriff's Office of Glenn County reached out to the public for help on February 4. The notice posted by the Sheriff's office gave the age and a description for the two missing campers. The message included the route the pair intended to travel. Photos of both campers and the vehicle were also included.

The situation became dire for Carlos and Maia. The snow was growing deeper and they began to fear the worse for themselves. The SOS messages they left were to no avail.

Carlos says he heard an unfamiliar sound on Monday. It was a motor unlike any he had heard since their ordeal had begun. Carlos says he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a man on a snowmobile headed in his direction.

The man driving the snowmobile was Jason Logan. He was part of a search party that had disbanded for the day. He decided to keep looking on his own. He says he decided on the spur of the moment to take the snowmobile and continue his search for the pair of campers.

He explained the search party was in Jeeps that could not travel any further, and he ended up finding the couple 200 feet from where the search party stopped.

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