Couple Struggling To Make Ends Meet Flooded With 'Relief' After $200K Lottery Win

May 24, 2023 by apost team

Miracles come in the most unexpected and wholesome ways, and when they do, an uneventful day can become the most memorable day of one's life. The profound meaning of miracles will always resonate with Jordan Ross and Jayde Hicks, a couple from Perth who found fortune after hitting an unexpected jackpot for a token of $20 on May 26, 2017.

Ross and Hicks were a young couple who managed to get by daily with menial jobs. At one point, life's challenges were so tough that Ross was homeless for about five years. It was so challenging that all he had to his name was a skateboard. Hicks also struggled to survive, although she and Ross looked forward to sealing their love in marriage. 

As they kept living their daily lives from hand to mouth, the lovers had to hold off their wedding to a later date while they sorted monetary issues. It is safe to say that the couple did not have a prospect of improving their financial status, but they did not give up. However, life would turn for the better in what one could describe as a plot twist. 

Hicks and Ross had been going about a regular day when they decided to pop into a gift and lottery store. This was not the first time they tried their luck at a lottery shop, but it was the first time something amazing happened. According to Yahoo, Hicks did not hold back the rush of joy when she described her feelings: 

"I felt like I was having a heart attack, to be honest."

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The Perth couple went viral after the news of their good fortune made it to social media. Speaking about the life-changing event, Hicks revealed that she and Ross were going about their day when she had a craving for a beverage. The duo entered the Lucky Charm Newsagency at Willetton and just decided, on a whim, to buy a scratch card. 

When the couple saw what lay behind the lottery card, it became clear that their lives had changed forever. Their $20 ticket turned out to be a massive win valued at $200,000. The lovers were over the moon, and they did not hide the rush of emotions. Recalling the golden moment, Hicks noted that she could not believe the good fortune that came their way. 

CCTV footage from the store presented the exact moment Hicks and Ross knew they had just encountered a miracle. Both dressed in black, the duo held on to each other as they beheld the heartwarming moment. She described how "a flood of relief" came over her. The young lady excitedly added that the most she had won was $100. 

Ross' feelings were an exact mirror of how his partner reacted. He revealed that he cried all the way to the Lotterywest headquarters when they went to claim their golden prize. The couple's lives immediately took a rosy turn as they made one of their first big purchases: a $20,000 boat. The 20-year-old Ross did not hold back on how he intended to utilize the big win. 

He relayed his plans to help his mom, buy her a Mustang, and further his studies. He noted that he and Hicks also planned to prepare for their wedding ceremony. Hicks and Ross experienced quite a miracle, which will continue to be an indelible memory.

What do you think of Jordan Ross and Jayde Hicks' big win? Have you ever won a lottery? Or do you know anyone lucky enough to get a life-changing win? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to others to never give up on the possibilities of miracles.

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