Couple Stays Warm And Grows Food Thanks To Greenhouse They Built Around Their Home

Dec 01, 2022 by apost team

Everyone has their own preference on whether they prefer hot or cold weather. However, when the weather impacts your everyday life, it can be hard to appreciate it. Sweden is located in northern Europe in a region known as Scandinavia. This area receives cold weather throughout the year, which makes it very challenging to have vegetables growing in the garden. However, one Swedish couple has found a unique solution.

Marie Grammar and Charles Sacilotto live in one of the colder regions of Sweden. Rather than let the cold control their lives, they found a way to ensure they would have access to food and warmth. The couple decided to construct a large greenhouse that encompasses their entire home. In their minds, this construction would help to keep their house and plants warm throughout the year.

Fair Companies requested a tour of the "Naturhus" and were granted exclusive access by Grammar and Sacilotto, where they were able to learn more about their innovative way of living.

The greenhouse cost the couple $84,000 USD and has a pane of glass 4 millimeters thick. This house was constructed on the site of an aged summer home on one of Stockholm's several archipelagos.

The inventive idea for this house was inspired by Bengt Warne. This man was a Swedish eco-architect and the mentor of Sacilotto. He claimed that the glass structure could not pose any potential risks. The glass is security-level and shouldn't break on principle. Even if the glass does break, it is designed to break into tiny pieces so that no one receives an injury.

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Warne explained:

“Living in a greenhouse gives architecture a fourth dimension, where time is represented by movements of naturally recycled endless flows of growth, sun, rain, wind and soil in plants, energy, air, water and earth. I call this NATUREHOUSING.”

The construction was inspired by eco-architecture. The practical design helps to keep the house habitable during the coldest of winters and allows plants to grow without trouble. The Swedish couple was able to renovate the entire exterior of their home because of all the money saved through the use of solar energy.

They were also able to cover their wood facade with linseed oil. As their home isn't exposed to the weather, they don't have to worry about adding protective layers or elements.

The giant greenhouse is heated during the day by the intense sunlight experienced in Stockholm. The heat remains throughout the night because of the residual heat that is stored in bedrock that rests underneath the home.

Grammar and Sacilotto have one child who loves the ability to be outside, even during the colder months.

The couple was very worried about the impact on the environment, so Instead of using too much tap water, the family opted to collect rainwater in order to water their plants. They also maintained a compost dump in the garden where all of the kitchen waste was placed.

“It’s not just to use the nature, the sun and the water, but … it’s all a philosophy of life, to live in a nother world, in fact,” Sacilotto explained.

It's wonderful to see how this couple has used their resources to better enrich their everyday lives.

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