Couple Raises $270,000 For Elderly Woman Who Stumbled And Fell While Delivering Pizza To Their Home

Mar 14, 2023 by apost team

It’s probably every person’s dream to see their parents enjoy their senior days. Unfortunately, though, not all people who are in the autumn of their lives have the privilege of just simply choosing to retire, staying at home or traveling around the world and enjoying their pension. The reality is a lot of elderly people don’t have a choice but to work when they should be staying at home enjoying their older days.

Of course, it’s not the same for everyone. Then again, there are still a lot of elderly people who feel much happier working than staying at home. Whether an elderly person chooses to work or not, is always their prerogative. At the end of the day, respect should prevail – especially for the elderly people who strive to work hard to make ends meet.

In February 2023, a family from South Carolina earned the praises of many for choosing to help a 72-year-old woman named Barbara Gillespie, who fell while delivering pizzas to their home. The couple captured the incident through their home security camera, which they posted on TikTok later on.

“Our dominos delivery driver fell on our front porch today and my heart just hurts for her. She’s clearly having a hard time,” Lacey wrote in the caption of her video.

Several people reacted to the video, and many said it breaks their hearts knowing the woman should no longer be working considering her age.

“Our elderly should not have to work this broke my heart,” one person said.

“Breaks my heart she is still working, especially at such a physical job,” another person said.

“This is going to be the reality of a lot of our elderly as we mature because people do not have money to retire,” one person said.

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Kevin Keighron and Lacey Klein are the couple who decided to do something for Gillespie. Keighron recalled what happened that day. 

“I open the door and there she is just laying on the ground trying to get up. She was more worried about (the food) than anything else. And I was like, ‘I don't care about the food. I care about you,’” he told Good Morning America. 

After the incident, Klein launched a fundraiser for Gillespie by creating a GoFundMe page for her as a tip. Klein said she and Keighron were motivated to help Gillespie as they were able to relate to her, revealing both of their dads retired late in life and died of terminal cancer.

“It really resonated in our hearts when we saw her (Gillespie) still working at her age and reminded us of both our fathers,” Klein told FOX. 

But what the couple didn’t know was that the fundraiser would go beyond what they initially expected, reaching more than $270,000 in March 2023.

“We thought we would get her a bigger tip and bring it to her. We never expected to get as much as we did,” Lacey said. “We were just so excited and thrilled (to) be able to tell her the next day.” 

When the first trench of money that they raised was handed to her, Gillespie was speechless. She later said she felt thankful for all the people who showed her love and care.

“I almost gave up on people because so many people out there today are so mean,” Gillespie said. “And here we got people loving, caring people. They care about someone else… about an elderly woman.”

A report from South Carolina State said Gillespie marked her last day at Domino’s Pizza on Feb. 16, 2023. Now, she plans to take a cruise and travel around Europe. Well-deserved retirement plan!

What do you think about the kind-hearted deed Kevin Keighron and Lacey Klein did for Barbara Gillespie? Do you also know someone who deserves to retire from work? Let us know what you think and pass this on to people who might find this story interesting!

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