Couple Prepares For "Riverdance" Routine But Dog Pulls Off Performance That Steals The Entire Show

Jun 16, 2020 by apost team

Pretty much everyone has at least some idea of what Riverdance is. Whether it’s the musical or a theater presentation, Riverdance has become an emblematic Irish classical dance routine that captivates multiple generations.

However, this particular performance from 2014 changed up the generational traditions with a new special canine addition to the show. 

The original Riverdance show spent more than 20 years on tour and over 25 million people saw the live performance, according to The Seattle Times. Its legend has been celebrated all across the globe as people everywhere appreciate the exceptional footwork of Riverdance.

The entire performance is an ongoing thrill that is bursting with energy, passion, and excitement. This may be one of the reasons that this on-stage spectacular has been remastered and performed by professionals and novices alike for decades. It may seem that after this many years, there isn’t much that can be done to bring something fresh to the show.

Mary Ray and Richard Curtis proved that theory wrong when they invited an exceptional guest onstage to perform a Riverdance inspired number with the duo. The audience was surprised when Mary and Richard brought Levi out at the recent Heelwork to Music Competition. But Levi isn't your typical performer. Levi is a dog!

As Levi pranced out alongside Mary and Richard, he was joyous while his handlers clicked their heels to the lively music that played in the background. Levi reached his designated spot and sat back on his legs in his trained starting position, even crisscrossing his front legs to signal the dance that would follow.

As the music played on, it became immediately apparent that Levi was exceptionally trained. The dog danced around to the beat and frequently did spin moves, all to the delight of the enamored audience. Everyone who got to see the performance was absolutely stunned at what a good job Levi did and how much he clearly enjoyed performing. Mary Ray is England’s top dog trainer and has a legacy of being a master dog handler.

See the enchanting performance in the video below:

How precious is Levi’s doggie version of Riverdance? How long must he have worked to learn to master all his dance moves? Let us know what you think of this talented dog’s performance. We always like hearing your reaction to inspiring stories like these.