Couple Performs Jazz Medley Combining Sinatra And Jason Mraz

Feb 25, 2020

Rick Hale, a musician, collaborated with singer Breea Guttery mashing up the Frank Sinatra song 'Fly Me To The Moon' with the Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat hit 'Lucky'. Posted four years ago, it enjoyed an enormously positive response from millions of viewers. 

Sinatra, the classic crooner and member of the famed “Rat Pack”, wowed the country with his smooth voice and commanding presence decades ago. Jason Mraz, meanwhile, is a modern pop sensation. And these internet musicians, Rick Hale and Breea Guttery, did an excellent job of erasing the differences in era and style to produce a beautiful and unique medley.

In this performance, Hale plays the guitar and sings while Guttery accompanies him on vocals. Their voices fit together magically, with their sweet and smooth harmonies showing how perfect they are together.

The performance begins with Hale leading the vocals through Sinatra’s 'Fly Me To The Moon.' Then, Guttery takes over the vocal spotlight and brings them both to 'Lucky', a hit by Jason Mraz, featuring Cobie Caillet. The video has become an internet sensation, garnering more than thirty-three million views. This is not surprising considering how sweet of a performance it is. It truly leaves your heart throbbing.

Hale is a modern musician that typifies the internet age. He enjoys performing on the internet because it allows him to stay home with his kids. The method has brought some serious success, with another of his mash-ups having also gone viral.
Guttery isn’t even a professional musician, which is incredible given the talent she possesses. She owns a film company and produces short movies and video blogs. But she sure knows how to find success outside her typical domain.

Not only is this video a cool combination, but it also sounds lovely. It is the perfect sweet ditty for starting out your day or for making you think about a special someone in your life. Do you know any other medleys like this? Once you've listened to the song and it's lifted your mood and brightened your day, be sure to show it to friends so they can be similarly delighted.