Couple Married For 80 Years Reveal Secret To Long Lasting Relationship: 'Just Be Nice To Each Other'

Apr 09, 2019 by apost team

As the divorce rate continues to climb, it may seem impossible to find a couple that has stayed together through all of life’s challenges. Finding a partner that will stick with you through thick and thin isn’t easy, and many people find themselves divorced or married several times throughout their lives.

Not many couples can say that they’ve lasted together for several decades. But one couple seems to trump all others as they celebrate their 82nd wedding anniversary! Of course, the burning question that everyone wants to know when a couple makes it this far in life together is how they managed to stay together so long.

Often, you’ll receive an answer about how you need to completely trust your partner, be honest, or respect each other’s boundaries. Communication is also key to many people seeking to make a relationship last.

However, the couple that made it 82 years together has an entirely different answer that might surprise you.

Willie and D.W. Williams are a happily married couple that just celebrated their anniversary.

For the celebration, they decided to throw a party at a church, singing hymns and indulging in some conversation and sweet treats with their loved ones. The pair live in North Carolina and were born on dates just one week apart, meaning that they also got to celebrate their 100th and 103rd birthdays in the same week.

You may think that if they made it this far in life still married that they must have some secret that others just don’t know about. But their answer to the burning question is actually straightforward in nature.

The couple revealed that they didn’t have a secret as to how they stayed together so long. Their relationship is actually much more simple than that. They admitted that the only way to truly stay together and be happy as a couple is to simply be kind to one another: 

"Just be nice to each other", Willie Williams told WSOC-TV.

We are raised from a young age to be nice to others, but this couple just proves how far kindness can truly get you in life. We could all learn a lesson from Willie and D.W.!

Watch their story in the video below:

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