Couple Gets $1,410 Refund From Airline After Enduring Dog With Flatulence On 13-Hour Flight

Sep 26, 2023 by apost team

A couple traveling from Paris to Singapore in June 2023 found themselves facing an unusual travel companion during a 13-hour flight. Their encounter with an odorous dog led them to take action, resulting in a $1,410 refund, which they intended to donate to charity.

The saga began when Gill and Warren Press were confronted with an unexpected passenger after having splurged on premium economy seats for their long-haul journey. Seated next to them was an emotional support dog that would become the central character in this bizarre high-altitude experience.

Upon boarding the plane, Gill immediately noticed an unusual noise emanating from the dog. It wasn't just a polite cough or a discreet sniffle. Rather, it was what she described as "a heavy snorting,” per The Independent S.G

With determination in her heart, Gill wasted no time and promptly approached a crew member to seek alternative seating arrangements. The crew member, however, had some bad news as the only available seats were located in the economy class back rows. This proposition didn't appeal to the couple so they decided to stick with their original premium seats. However, they underestimated the remarkable scenario about to unfold. 

It wasn't until halfway into the flight that the dog decided to unleash its olfactory assault. The cabin was filled with a pungent smell as the dog's flatulence wafted through the air, causing discomfort for the couple. 

As if that wasn't enough, the dog moved into Warren's legroom, invading his personal space. Its drool trickled on Warren's exposed leg and became an unexpected leg moisturizer. Though there were suggestions to move the dog by the aisle, this presented its own set of challenges. The fight attendants needed the aisle clear for their in-flight trolley service.

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After enduring this memorable, albeit pungent, experience, the Presses decided to register their dissatisfaction with Singapore Airlines. They fired off a complaint, requesting a refund for their odd trip.

At first, Singapore Airlines responded with a token gesture: two gift vouchers for the KrisShop website. Unsatisfied, the couple pressed on, advocating for an acknowledgment of the bizarre circumstances they had faced. The airline, possibly realizing the severity of their ordeal, sweetened the deal with the addition of two $118 travel vouchers, according to Insider.

However, Gill was unyielding in her quest, as the offered compensation still fell short of her expectations. After months of back-and-forth emails, the couple received two $587 refunds in September 2023. 

"That's the least they could do. If they wanted to be really nice, they could've given us way more," Gill said. "The principal wasn't about the money, it was truly about making people accountable."

The couple said they would donate the refund to Blind Low Vision NZ, a service dog organization.

According to Stuff Co.NZ, Singapore Airlines has barred emotional support dogs aboard the cabins unless these have been arranged prior to April 1, 2023. The airline has also committed to notifying customers in advance if they are to be seated next to an assistance dog, ensuring smoother journeys for all passengers.

This bizarre journey from Paris to Singapore may have been an unexpected twist for the Presses, but it has now become a lesson in standing up for one's rights. 

"I think that you have to fight for what you think is right. I will now stand up if I don't think it's correct — in any part of life,” Gill told Insider.

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Gill and Warren Press made their voices heard. Have you ever had an unusual flight experience just like them? Do you know someone who did? Pass this story to those who might be inspired to make a difference by letting the airline industry know that passengers deserve a comfortable journey! 

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