Couple Finds Stray Pup During Road Trip And Refuse To Leave Her Behind

Embarking on a grand adventure seems like the perfect opportunity to make amazing memories with your loved ones. Traveling is one of the most popular hobbies in this day and age. Unfortunately, most people have commitments, such as a full-time job and school, that prevent them from traveling as often as they like. That is why a lot of people decide to travel after graduating from college. Emily Trost and her boyfriend, Nick Mazzone are no exception to this.

Emily and Nick had always wanted to travel cross-country together. Like most people, they waited until they graduated from college to pursue their dreams. Emily also took time off from her job.

The couple packed up a few belongings and some necessities in Nick's truck. They slept in tents and cooked their meals over fires.

Their lives became incredibly simple. Trost and Mazzone focused on nature during their journey. They visited national parks and went hiking as often as possible. It was refreshing for them to explore nature.

One day, Emily and Nick stopped at a gas station in Browning, Montanna. They were stocking up on snacks at the convenience store. As they headed back to the truck, they noticed a brown puppy curled up next to their vehicle. At first, Emily and Nick didn't think much of it. They assumed the dog belonged to someone at the gas station.

Time passed and the dog was still there. The couple questioned everyone in the surrounding area about the puppy. No one seemed to be the owner of this dog. As the hours ticked away, the couple inspected the dog closely.

Twigs and dirt caked the puppy's fur. It looked like it hadn't been washed in a very long time. Later on, a woman told them that the dog was a stray. She proceeded to tell the couple how there are several stray dogs in the area that could use adoption. She would feed the dogs and they were always so loving. Nick and Emily decided to take the puppy with them on their journey until they could get it to a local rescue center.

Almost as soon as they drove off with the dog, they knew they were keeping the dog. They headed straight to a pet store to buy a collar, leash, tag, and dog food.

Nick and Emily decided to name the dog Montana, in honor of where they found her.

Since taking the furry animal into their hearts, the dog has traveled with them all throughout the country. She would snuggle in their sleeping bags and go on hikes with them.

Once the trip concluded, they introduced Montana to their two other dogs. Immediately, all three dogs got along well. Montanna loved the extra company she got from the other pets.

Emily says Montana is a high-energy dog with lots of love. Since she's still a pup, occasionally she'll throw a tantrum if she gets told "no". For the most part, she's been adapting to her new environment very well.

It has been over three months since they first found Montana. Emily and Nick couldn't imagine life without her.

Though the cross-country trip is over, Emily hopes that their story brings more light to adopting dogs. There are stray animals everywhere that would love a forever home. Learning ways to help these animals is something everyone should do.

Local animal shelters can always use volunteers. Playing with the animals and taking care of them can ensure they are healthy enough to be adopted. If time is an issue for you, you can donate money to organizations that strive to help animals in need.

Additionally, if you're considering adding a furry creature to your family, think about adopting your pet from an animal shelter. It's typically free and a great way to save a life. Visit your local animal shelter for more information on ways you can help animals in need.

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