Couple Finds Shelter Dogs Caring Homes–Moving Adoptions Make It Worthwhile

Texas couple Scott and Tracy Whyatt have adopted thousands of dogs from shelters since 2011, giving them a chance at life and love.

It's truly amazing when people come together to support those who cannot speak for themselves. That's exactly what happened with Tracy and Scott Whyatt.

This project started in 2011. The Whyatts have been going all around Texas, adopting dogs from kill shelters who hadn't been adopted. They've helped to find suitable homes for these dogs. Working with PetSmart, Tracy Dogs find spots for people and dogs to meet.

These spots are the parking lots at PetSmarts around the country. The dogs will be transported in a 32-foot long trailer where they'll get to meet their ecstatic future owners. Some of the places these PetSmarts are located in include Washington D.C., Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, and Illinois.

Knowing about the strife that the dogs have gone through makes the initial meetings all the more beautiful. Footage of owners meeting their new best friends shows what utterly amazing work Tracy's Dogs is doing.

People are warmly embracing their dogs, and people in the comment sections aren't shy about sharing how touched they are. The work Tracy and Scott have done has clearly changed numerous lives for the better.

"I have never seen so many adorable dogs get adopted on the same day. It seemed like most of the dogs knew that they were finally going home to their forever family and would never worry again. I can’t believe that if it wasn’t for your help these dogs would no longer be here. This was the most heartwarming thing that I have seen in a while,” read one emotional comment.

"Tracy's Dogs" has helped save thousands of dogs and has given so many people a great companion. This is an organization whose effects are being felt around the country. Others may be inspired to start their own animal rescue after hearing about Tracy's Dogs.

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