Couple Discovers Home Was Broken Into But Unusual 'Intruder' Leaves Everyone Cracking Up

Coming home to a broken window is one of those gut-wrenching experiences no one wants to ever face.

The questions alone are almost too much: Someone broke into my home? Are they still there? What did they take? In the case of this couple, coming home and finding a broken window led them to a less scary situation than they first expected. They still called 911, and they still needed the police.

Coming home, the couple first spied a broken window and became instantly worried. Their distress increased as they realized that they could detect movement in their house. Bravely entering, they were confronted by the intruder brazenly camping out on their couch.

It was a wild turkey! It strutted back and forth on the back of the couch. The homeowners were able to relax to some degree...but they still had a problem. Opening the deck door didn't convince the turkey to leave. Shooing him toward a window didn't work either. What were they going to do? Offer him a snack from the kitchen?

The Intruder

What was this turkey doing in their home, anyway? The animal simply walked back and forth along the couch ignoring all offers of freedom. Maybe he was looking for the remote? He approached the windows several times, but couldn't figure out how to go out that way.

When the woman in the video opened the deck door, he refused that easy exit as well. Maybe he was expecting to recreate some heroic scene from a movie and break through yet another window? Speaking of which, that was a lot of broken glass all over their living room. The turkey was unhurt. It was time for him to leave before he tried making a permanent position out of the situation!

Police arrived after the woman's calm call to 911. They tried a few things but what really worked was to flash a strobe light at the befuddled turkey. He immediately turned for the open door he'd been ignoring and sprang outside. They watched him stroll away and then turned their attention to the mess he'd left behind.

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