Couple Discovers Dog With His Mouth Taped Shut, To Save Him They Break Into Neighbor's Backyard

Jul 16, 2019

Although animal abuse is horrific to think about, it's a sad reality that we still hear news stories detailing neglected and tortured animals each and every day. It's a shame that people go out of their way to bring home pets only to abuse them for no reason. Animals in all forms deserved love, respect, and kindness. When treated correctly, they add so much fulfillment and joy to our lives.

Some would say that humans don't even deserve pets. We've all heard horror stories about animals and bad owners, but we never believe that we’ll actually get to witness it for ourselves. What would you do if you found an abused animal? Well, many people would do anything in their power to save the poor pet. A couple found themselves living next door to someone who was torturing their adorable Golden retriever for years until they finally decided to step in.

The dog was kept outdoors for its entire life, and for the majority of that time, it was also chained with limited range of motion. Naturally, this treatment made the animal depressed, meaning that he often cried and barked out of frustration. But since this crying frustrated the neglectful owners, they decided to cruelly muzzle his mouth using duct tape. Of course, this is painful for the animal and also makes it difficult to breathe. But once the neighbors, who actually owned the same breed of dog that they treated like a child, witnessed what was happening to the poor dog next door, they knew they needed to step in. Despite many calls to the police, nothing changed in the life of the poor Golden retriever.

Feeling alone and depressed, the Golden retriever remained in the backyard full of concrete. The dog even seemed to give up hope for a better life, lying there day after day with no energy or optimism. Finally, after many years of watching the neglected and abused dog’s torture, the neighbors had enough. They decided to take the justice system into their own hands and broke into the backyard to free him. The dog was promptly unchained and taken back into their home. They lovingly named the dog Alfie.

Alfie was found so broken and beaten down that it was obvious he had also suffered some physical abuse. He was untrustworthy of all humans, and barked relentlessly and often snapped and lunged at the rescuers. Naturally, this sensitive and hostile nature is normal for how the dog was raised – with abuse and cruelty. Thankfully, the new owners worked with him each and every day in order to rehabilitate him and change his behavior. They tried their best each and every day to remind the dog that he was now in a safe place and would never be hurt again. And by some sort of miracle, Alfie finally turned into the playful and joyful puppy that he was always meant to be.

With the help of his new caring owners, Alfie learned that there was life outside of his old backyard. He got to travel with his owners, joining them for adventures and vacations. And when it was time to go into his new backyard, he finally got to know life without chains. His days are now full of toys, belly rubs, celebrations, and affection. Alfie will never be treated with cruelty ever again, thanks to the love and care of his new owners. It’s a miracle that they were able to save this dog.

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