Couple Discovers Abandoned Brick House On Their Property And Notice It's Child-Sized

Sep 14, 2020 by apost team

Every day we discover new things in life. For Matt and Anna Jones, it was a structure in their home compound. The couple purchased a large house in Brick, New Jersey in the year 2000, and on the property was a much smaller house, seemingly built for children.

As this video from 2016 shows, the small home prompted Anna and Matt to find out more about the structure and the reason it was built so small.

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While buying the property they didn’t really place a finger on what exactly stood in their compound. From its exterior, you would easily pass it for a mini house that surpasses the standard layout of a house. Anna expected to find all the furnishings a normal household holds to keep a house running.

The mini-house is built three and a half feet in height which turns out to be a very unusual size for the average human being. Anna is 5’3 feet tall and she leans comfortably on the structure’s roof.

The dimensions of the roof unveiled her curiosity prompting her to find out more about the structure. Like any property owner, she decided to check-in and find out more about the purpose of the house.

Her initial guesses were probably the structure was once inherited by a dwarf-sized family due to its height.

On examining the components in the house, Anna noticed that the one-bedroom cottage housed items that had been designed for child-size use. It was unique on its own, and it gradually began attracting widespread attention from interested parties.

Shortly after, the house became a New Jersey structure of interest. From the house’s layout, many drew the conclusion that the structure was used for circus purposes during its peak time in the 1960s. A significant lot still wanted to believe in the dwarf theory which sounded reasonable.

The truth lies within Anna Jones' findings as she was the first person to give other people entry into the small-sized cottage. It housed furniture set in a typical home setting only that the furnishings were small sized.

There were peculiar structures like those of clowns and Halloween figures in the house. This made the house feel creepy to some extent and hence the circus theory.

However, the house was initially built in the 1960s to serve as a playhouse for small kids. This explains the size of the house and all its structures.

The Jones family has retained the house’s structure and continues to decorate it in Halloween and Christmas themes. In the latest development, Anna Jones revealed that they were planning to sell the house to someone who had a much greater purpose for it.

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