Couple Declared Winners Of The 35th Annual SHAG Dance Championship

Autumn Jones and Brennar Goree stole the show and were crowned the undisputed champions of Carolina Shag at the 35th annual National SHAG Dance Championships (NSDC). The couple's legs were like jelly as they performed intricate, lightning-fast footwork and spun about like they were lighter than air.

The couple has strong chemistry and according to the Sea Sun Swing website, the pair have been dancing together since they were both 13-years-old. In addition to competing in Caroline Shag, they've also done well in West Coast Swing competitions. Brennar is from Virginia and he and his partner Autumn travel all over the world, showing off their dance moves.

Carolina Shag is a dancing style invented on the beaches of South Carolina in the 1940s. It has a basic step with six counts and an eight-step pattern and is performed to beach music with 100 to 130 beats per minute with a 4/4 time signature.

During their performance, Autumn and Brennar pulled out some pretty fancy moves; at one point, Autumn spun around on only one leg, in perfect timing with the beat of the music.

Past winners of the NSDC Championships have gone on to perform on various TV shows, and even put on performances at the Beach Music Awards, so hopefully, everyone will have many more chances to see this couple dance together.

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