Couple Claims Stray Black Cat Was Their Lucky Charm In Winning $1.2 Million

Dec 22, 2022 by apost team

People play the lottery every day in hopes of winning a big cash prize. Some people consider themselves lucky just to break even on a scratch-off ticket they bought, while others hope for a sum of cash that will hopefully change their lives. For Tony and Deb Pearce of Southend, Essex in England, their wildest dreams and more came true when they won the lottery.

The couple had previously found themselves in financial trouble and were unsure if they would even be able to keep their home. However, after they started feeding a stray cat they named Billy, their luck seemed to change. In fact, the couple’s life completely changed in 2017. About six months after they met Billy in, Tony and Deb struck gold and won the lottery. They didn’t just win a big amount of money – they won a life-changing amount. The couple won £1 million (about $1.2 million).

Even though Billy is a black cat, and many people equate black cats with bad luck, that was certainly not the case for Tony and Deb. The pair made sure to include their winnings with their furry friend, too. While they didn’t give him any money per se, they decided to treat him to a life of luxury just like they were going to treat themselves. The cat is believed to be about 8 years old and even vacations with the Pearce couple at their second home in Norfolk.

"People say black cats are unlucky, I'd say nothing could be further from the truth," Deb said. Read on to learn more about this heartwarming story.

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According to the BBC, Tony and Deb have credited their “lucky” stray cat for their unbelievable lottery winnings. In 2017, they won £1 million (about $1.2 million) on the National Lottery. While some people would say it was a coincidence, the couple thanked the black cat for proving to be their good luck charm.

She told Wales Online:

“When Billy appeared we were close to selling our beloved home and becoming strays ourselves. Tony had stopped working due to ill health and we were in serious debt. It looked like our only option was to go into rented accommodation then, six months after Billy arrived, lady luck struck and our lives changed for good.”

Deb explained how the couple was able to keep their house and renovate it into their “perfect slice of heaven.” They also went on to buy a place in Norfolk, where they now use a “huge carrier” to take Billy there, too.

"To top it off, we finally said 'I do' at our dream wedding,” Deb added.

She told the BBC that Billy has become a member of the family. The couple now pays for his insulin injections, which he receives twice a day. He is also on a tailored hypoallergenic diet.

Tony explained:

"When I find myself paying the bill for vet care or Billy's specialist diet – that comes in at more than our annual trip to The Savoy – I can't help thinking that it might be Billy who is also lucky. It's not a bad life for a Southend stray who clearly turned up on the right doorstep, at the right time, and proved to us that black cats are in fact lucky.”

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